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Local Improvement Districts

Q: What are Local Improvement Districts?


Local Improvement Districts 

The Board of County Commissioners understands the problem of the residents on a non-maintained, dedicated, or public road. Examples of primitive or deteriorated roads, cycles of mud in the winter, dust in the summer, eroded ditches and plugged culverts are continuously brought to the attention of the Board. The Board, although sympathetic to the plight of the users of these roads, is prohibited by policy from spending county funds on dedicated roads unless the road is specifically incorporated into the County maintained road system. However, to include all the deeded or dedicated public roads into the County road system is financially unrealistic.

Therefore, the Board, realizing the need to provide a systematic means for gradually absorbing these roads into the maintained road system, has adopted a plan for financing their construction to a standard suitable for incorporation into the maintained road system. Cost will be for constructing a deeded or dedicated public road to a standard the Josephine County Public Works Department is able to maintain.

The owners may elect to finance the construction of streets through a procedure know as a "Local Improvement District". The County has created a revolving fund for the financing of these streets. Owners may petition the County for street improvements in unincorporated areas. The County Engineer will prepare a report on the feasibility of the project for presentation to the Board of County Commissioners. If the report is accepted by the Board of County Commissioners, the County Engineer will then furnish an estimate of cost to the owners. Upon acceptance of the estimate by the owners, the Board of County Commissioners, acting upon the advice of the County Engineer, will proceed to engineer the street, advertise, and contract for its construction. Upon completion of the construction, assessments will be filed against each benefiting parcel in a proportionate amount of the project cost, based upon some equitable method of assessment, as selected by a majority of the benefiting owners. Payments on the assessments for each lot are due and payable twice a year for a period of ten (10) years. Interest upon the unpaid balance is 7 percent. After construction is completed in accordance with county maintained road standards, an order will be filed, adopting the street or road into the County Road System for all future maintenance and capital improvements.

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