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Victim Assistance Questionnaire

The Josephine County District Attorney's Office is dedicated to providing the highest quality prosecution services and is committed to helping victims of crime. We thank you for your cooperation and participation in the criminal justice system. Your involvement is crucial to making the defendant accountable and to promoting individual and community safety.

We are always seeking to improve our services and are interested in your input regarding how our agency and staff treated you. At the conclusion of the criminal case in which you were a victim, please take a few moments to complete the evaluation below. By answering these questions and giving us ideas about how to improve our program and services, you can help the Josephine County District Attorney's Office better serve crime victims in the future.

* The Josephine County Victim Assistance Program provided me with services that helped me make informed choices about my situation.
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Neutral 
* Did you receive written or oral information about your rights as a victim of crime in Josephine County?
Yes No 
* Was the notification of your rights and available services timely and adequate?
Yes No 
* Were our staff members courteous?
Yes No 
* Were our staff members responsive to your specific needs?
Yes No 
* Were our staff members able to answer your questions?
Yes No 
* Were you satisfied with the way the District Attorney's Office handled your case?
Yes No 
* Were you satisfied with the outcome of your case?
Yes No 
Please advise us if some individual in the District Attorney's Office, or some program or process in the District Attorney's Office deserves a compliment.
Please advise us if some individual in the District Attorney's Office, or some program or process needs to change in some way to better serve victims.
Please use the space below to provide any additional comments you may have.
Optional: While not required, it will help us if you provide the following information:
Your Name:
Defendant's Name:
Your input is important to our program.  Thank you for your time and your thoughts.  We hope you will not again be a victim of crime.
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