Deputy on Day Off Detains Thief
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grants Pass, OR — On Friday, March 25th, Deputy Ernie Fields was enjoying a quiet day off, shopping for parts at Napa. At about 10:15 a.m., manager Cory Sauer, who knows Fields is a Sheriff’s deputy, invited him into his office to review surveillance of a suspect stealing batteries.

Fields stepped into the office to review the tape, and as they reviewed the previous incident, a customer advised she just saw a suspect on a bicycle leave the back lot with another battery.

Fields and several Napa employees flooded out the back door and scattered all directions looking for the suspect, who was nowhere to be found.

Fields and Sauer then headed over to Interstate Battery on M Street to see if the suspect had gone there to sell his newly acquired goods. Fields entered the back door and confronted 50-year-old suspect Stanley Hicks.

Deputy Fields detained Hicks until Grants Pass Department of Public Safety officers could arrive to make the arrest. For more information on the GPDPS case, reference case #2011-2700, and contact 541-474-6370.

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