Josephine County Jail Stats 2-8-17

During the month of January, the Josephine County Jail physically booked 298 people for various crimes.
Today 2/08/17 we are currently holding 132 inmates. The number of Measure 11 inmates (Inmates with serious criminal charges) is 22
Murder – 8
Manslaughter – 1
Attempted Murder- 3
Assault II – 3
Sex Abuse I / Rape – 4
Robbery – 2
Arson I – 1
During the week of 1/23/17 Jail Inspectors from across the state arrived to perform a required inspection. Oregon Jails are inspected every two (2) years to insure they meet the requirements of the Oregon Jail Standards. The information and results of the inspection are then sent to the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association for review. We are very proud of the outcome. During the inspection we were found to be in “Partial Compliance” in only five areas. Since the inspection those areas have been corrected. In an effort to keep you more informed we will be posting this information monthly.


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