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P. U. M. A.

Planning's Universal Mapping Application

Important Concepts for Using P.U.M.A.

1) The Active Theme

active_theme.jpg (13545 bytes)

The active theme is the theme that Arcview will assume you want to work with. To make a theme active, simply click anywhere on the theme in the table of contents.  If you use the Selection Tool , the Identify Tool , or nearly any operation that interacts with the Features of a theme, you will be interacting with the Active Theme. It is recognizable by its "raised" appearance.

2) Selected Features

active_theme.jpg (13545 bytes)

A Selected Feature is part of a theme that will be acted on by ArcView. If you want information about a taxlot, for instance, you will need to select that taxlot. Select it by making sure the theme is active and using the selection tool .  This is crucial to using ArcView because quite often we want to interact with only part of a theme, for example, we want detailed information about one taxlot, not all 36000 taxlots at once.

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