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510 NW 4th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Phone: (541) 474-5165
Fax: (541) 474-5171
Contact: Nate Gaoiran
Hours: 7:00AM - 5:30PM Mon-Fri
Field Services

C Street Office
Field Service Office (click picture for map)
Field Supervision Services is dedicated to public safety, best practices and positive offender behavior change.  It is the core of Josephine County Community Corrections to monitor adult offenders who are placed on probation by the Court or released on parole or post-prison supervision by the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.  Fourteen sworn, certified parole and probation officers and two support staff supervise approximately 1000 felony and misdemeanor offenders in the community.  Parole and probation officers perform a wide range of services beginning with intake and assessment to treatment referral as well as interventions and sanctions.  Supervision is driven by needs and risks, and treatment decisions are based on a multi-disciplinary triage to determine the best case plan for the indivudual and their current situation.  Field Supervision Services works together with in-house drug and alcohol counselors and contracts for services for mental health and sex offender counseling as well as Drug Court treatment.  Parole and probation officers also enforce the conditions of supervision and respond to violations of those conditions through a continuum of sanctions.  These officers also work closely with other law enforcement agencies as well as all social service agencies in the community.  Oregon Department of Corrections, through an inter-governmental aggreement with Josephine County, primarily funds Field Supervision Services.  Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rule mandates these services. 




        ·         Provide community protection through the supervision for adult offenders on  probation, parole or post-prison supervision.

        ·         Provide appropriate assessment and referral for intervention and treatment efforts.

        ·         Assist law enforcement through the appropriate monitoring of offenders.

        ·         Report and respond to violation behavior.




Parole / Probation Officers

Genelle Bennett            (541) 474-5165 ext. 3706

Kevin Blaich                  (541) 474-5165 ext. 3714

Darren Calvert                (541) 474-5165 ext. 3709

Danielle Dickerson         (541) 474-5165 ext. 3712

Julie Farris                     (541) 474-5165 ext. 3719

Jodi Gerstmar                 (541) 474-5165 ext. 3704

Michael A. Guenther      (541) 474-5165 ext. 3702

Scott Hyde                      (541) 474-5165 ext. 3708

Steve Monroe                 (541) 474-5165 ext. 3701

Lily Morgan                    (541) 474-5165 ext. 3718 

Matt Scaglione               (541) 474-5165 ext. 3707

Thom VanArtsdalen        (541) 474-5165 ext. 3715

Stephen Works                (541) 474-5165 ext. 3705



Link to: Oregon Association of Community Corrections Directors



Contact:   Lily Morgan, Parole/Probation Supervisor

                  510 NW 4th ST

                  Grants Pass, OR 97526

                  (541) 474-5165 x. 3718


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