Land Use Application Forms

NOTE: All forms are downloadable to Adobe Acrobat for filling out the document.

All application must be completed in its entirety, signed, and notarized. Attach additional documentation as requested and will not be accepted otherwise.

Planning Application Form (Use for all applications Medical Hardship, & Mass Gathering)
Medical Hardship Application
Mass Gathering Application
Form A
Form B

Applicants Statement of Understanding (Use with all applications)
Statement of Water Use (Use with all applications)
Plot Plan (Use with all applications)
Riparian Landscape Plan
Agricultural Structure Use Covenant
Waiver of Remonstrance (Use with Farm, Forest, Aggregate, & Commercial applications)

Airport Overlay (Use if property is by Airport)
Deed Declaration (Fuel Break)
Grant of Deed Restriction - Restriction of Use
Grant Deed Restriction - Limited Living Space - Non-Resource Zoned Land

Grant Deed Restriction - Limited Living Space - Resource Zoned Land
Grant Deed Restriction - Temporary Medical Hardship - Resource Zoned Land

Limited Power of Attorney
Planning Fee Schedule
NOTE: Some applications also require Public Works Fees
Public Works Fees

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