Paddlers 2014-2015 Aquatic Invasive Species Permit

Attention Paddlers -2014-2015 Aquatic Invasive Species Tyvek Tags Now Available Online


Aquatic invasive species prevention permits for paddlers expire December 31 and the Marine Board has several purchasing options that are perfect to take advantage of when the weather is less-than desirable. Purchasing is easy from the comfort of your home through the Marine Board’s online storefront. An annual or two-year Tyvek tag costs a flat, $5 or $10, and the Marine Board does not charge an online processing fee.


The revenue that is raised from permit sales directly benefits Oregon’s efforts to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species and deter introduction of new species into the state. In 2013, funds from the aquatic invasive species program were used to build a first-of-its-kind boat wash station at Tenmile Lakes, expand inspection stations around the state and keep the stations open longer. There were 7,436 boat inspections conducted from May through October and 297 boats were found with live weeds, mussels, snails and other organisms. Of the contaminated boats, three boats were carrying mussels and 14 boats had standing water in various compartments.


Any areas with standing water are capable of transporting mussel larvae and weed fragments that can easily contaminate a waterbody. Law enforcement partners reported a range from 70% to 90% compliance, depending on the region of the state, for people carrying their AIS permit.


Other highlights for 2013 include more signage at boat ramps with the “Clean, Drain, and Dry” message, and completion of a statewide rapid response plan (with practice exercises) for a detection scenario of quagga or zebra mussels.


The 2013 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program Report will be available for download shortly after the first of the year at


To order your annual or two-year Tyvek tages, visit


Who Needs to Carry a Permit (AISPP)?

  Non-Motorized Boats (Paddlecraft) AND Motorized Boats

        Manually powered boats (paddle boards (SUPs), rafts, drift boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.) 10 feet long and longer will need to carry one permit per boat when in use.

        Permits are transferrable to other manually-powered craft.

        Non-Motorized Boat permits are available as either a one-year or two-year Tyvek permit. The one-year permit expires on December 31 of the year issued and the two-year permit expires on December 31 of the second year issued.

        Oregon Motorized Boats are required to be registered.  A $5 surcharge is added to the registration fee and current decals on the boat act as proof of payment into the program. Registration decals are valid for two calendar years.

        Out-of-State Motorized Boats used in Oregon waters must carry one permit per boat when in use.

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