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Manufactured Homes
Transaction Processing Information


    Oregon’s Building Code Division (BCD) of the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) is responsible for processing manufactured home transactions. DCBS has implemented a new web-based software called Manufactured Home Ownership Document System (MHODS). The system allows transactions to be done online and offers a very convenient method to process changes to manufactured homes.


    Buyers, sellers, title companies and other interested parties may log into the MHODS online portal to process their transactions. The transaction fee is $55.00 and is payable to BCD with a credit card when a transaction is processed online.
    Parties who do not have access to a computer may seek assistance at a local title company or our office. The Assessor's office charges an additional $35.00 fee for our assistance; we do not accept personal checks or credit cards. Transactions may also be submitted by mail directly to the BCD office in Salem. Forms and instructions are available on the DCBS website at the link on the bottom of this page.


Before you process your manufactured home change

    Prior to filing a transaction using either the MHODS website or the mail you will need to obtain a Josephine County Notification & Tax Certification Form. Every home ownership-related application submitted in MHODS, regardless of the type of transaction, requires this form. A fillable pdf is available here.
  1. Complete the form. You can find the necessary information on the website noted under the “Searching for manufactured home information” heading below.
  2. Bring all pages of the completed form to the Assessor’s Office for certification. Our office charges a $4.00 certification fee to perform this function.
    • The Assessor's office does not accept payment by credit card or personal check
  3. Your completed form will be returned to you. You may then proceed with your transaction using the MHODS DCBS website link at the bottom of this page or through the mail.
Searching for manufactured home information

You may search for information regarding an existing manufactured home using the link below.

Additional Information

The helpful Manufactured Home Ownership Document Transaction Guide is available at the DCBS website link below.

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