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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Offenders

How can I get a list of sex offenders in my neighborhood?
To get a list of the registered sex offenders in your city, you must call the Oregon State Police General Headquarters in Salem at 1-503-378-3725, extension 4429. This number is for an automated attendant. You will be asked to leave your name, address, and the zip code for the city you want. You may only request one zip code at a time. Under normal circumstances, it takes approximately one week to process your request.

Why doesn’t the list give me the addresses for all the registered sex offenders?
Oregon State law does not allow law enforcement to release the addresses of those sex offenders currently under probation or parole supervision in Oregon. If the person is on supervision, you will be provided with the name of the county corrections agency responsible for their supervision.

Can I get the address of the sex offenders on supervision from the county corrections agency responsible for their supervision?
This varies from county to county. In Josephine County, we will provide you with the address of those sex offenders who have been deemed predatory. If the sex offender has not been deemed predatory, we cannot provide you with their address but can provide you with information about their crime of conviction and conditions of supervision.

Are all sex offenders required to register?
No. The list of sex offenders required to register can be found in ORS 181.594. The first registration laws went into effect in Oregon in 1989. Since that time, additional crimes have been added to the list. There are a number of people living in Oregon whose sex offense convictions predate the registration requirements. There are also people on supervision for crimes which don’t allow for registration but who have been given sex offender special conditions.

For how long are sex offenders required to register?
The registration obligation for predatory sex offenders is for life. If the convicted sex offender has only one sex offense conviction for a C Felony or less, they can apply for relief from the registration obligation no sooner than 10 years after their supervision ends. Application is made to the district attorney in the county in which they are residing, and a court hearing is scheduled. For more information about relief from reporting requirements, see ORS 181.600.

Where can I find the definitions for Oregon sex crimes?
The definitions for sexual offenses in Oregon can be found in ORS 163.305 to 163.467.

Where can I find information about sex offender residence requirements?
Sex offender residence requirements can be found in ORS 144.641.

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