Avian Flu

Avian Flu

Click on the image to download Cover Your Cough posters
Click on the image to download Cover Your Cough posters

 Understanding Avian Flu and Pandemic Flu

Learn the difference between seasonal flu, avian flu and pandemic flu


Josephine County Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Find out what Josephine County is doing to prepare and what you can do


Pandemic Planning Checklists

Checklists from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Info for Clinicians

Suspect case definitions, testing procedures, and more


Business Continuity Planning Resources

Various business continuity planning resources from the private and government sectors


Planning for People with Varied Abilities

Planning resources for people with varied abilities


What  you can do?  Check out the Josephine County Family Emergency Preparedness Handbook




Steps you can take to prepare yourself, your family, and others in your community





The official U.S. pandemic and avian flu website


Oregon Health Authority



Josephine County Family Emergency Preparedness Handbook

An excellent emergency planning guide with local contact information



1918 Pandemic Flu Info from Stanford University

A great resource for pictures and historical accounts

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