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Click here to download the Josephine County Pan Flu Business Continuity Planning Guide
Pan Flu Business Continuity Planning Guide

Josephine County Pandemic Influenza Business Continuity Planning Guide

A pandemic flu planning guide for Josephine County businesses and organizations.


Other Business Continuity Planning Resources


Note: Reference to any private industry or professional association does not constitute an endorsement. The sites below were compiled in the spirit of information sharing. This document is intended neither as a comprehensive resource nor an official recommendation.


Resources from the Private Sector


Avian Flu: Preparing for a Pandemic (32 page PDF)

A report for employees and clients of Marsh on risk related topics.


Example of a Pandemic Influenza Workplace Plan (12 page PDF)

Based on Shell Oil’s workplace plans for operations in Oceana. The host Web site of this posting has numerous flu related planning resources.


Pandemic Flu Planning Guide for Infrastructure Providers (59 page Word Doc.)

The actual guidelines begin on page 14. Table 3 is of particular interest.

Suggested summary actions for infrastructure providers for each Alert Code (New Zealand has adopted a PI alert code which seems practical and understandable for the public). Another good tool is the employee screening algorithm on page 36.


Planning Checklist brochures by the Trust for America's Health (2 Page PDF)


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Guide to Business Continuity Planning for Disaster Scenarios (for purchase)


Guide from Institute for Business and Home Safety


Contingency Planning Exchange, Inc (CPE) Web site

CPE posts influenza related topics on its Web site. Archive available to members.


Continuity Central (CC) Web site

CC posts influenza related topics on its Web site, including WHO updates for business community and best practice recommendations.


Occupational Health Disaster Emergency Network’s (OHDEN) Web site

Site is specific to pandemic influenza private industry workplace planning. This site has links to all state response plans.


Government Resources for Business


General Guidelines for Business Continuity Planning by FEMA


Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry (FEMA’s Web site is also an excellent resource for family disaster preparedness guides ~ recommended distribution to employees)


HHS Pandemic Influenza Specific Business Continuity Checklist


HHS Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise Materials


Comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness PowerPoint Presentations from CDC and HHS sources are posted on the Arizona Department of Health’s Web site


List is partially courtesy of Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department, Austin, TX

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