Public Information Campaign

It is critical that the public is well informed about pandemic influenza.  During a pandemic, Josephine County will use various methods to get information to the public, such as facts about pandemic influenza; prevention tips; instructions for self-care; what to do if you think you have the flu; and any other information as the situation warrants.  Messages will be coordinated with local and regional partners, the Oregon State Public Health Department and federal government to ensure consistency and clarity.


In addition to using traditional media outlets (television, radio, newspaper, and web), Josephine County has the ability to establish a phone bank to answer questions and assist the public.


Medical Community Outreach
The medical community must also be kept well informed during a pandemic.  Medical providers will need to know information such as epidemiologic characteristics; clinical symptoms; diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis; infection control measures; and other information as needed. 

Oregon has developed a secure Health Alert Network website to expedite critical health communications to hospitals and public health partners in emergency and non-emergency situations. The site uses a secondary system, Alert Oregon, to "push" important emergency information out via fax, phone, pager and email.

Josephine County also maintains a fax list of all medical providers so that information for the medical community can be broadcast faxed. 

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