Training and Exercising

Training and exercising are two very important components of every emergency plan.  Josephine County trains their staff throughout the year, and holds periodic exercises to test emergency plans.  Plans are then modified to incorporate lessons learned during training and exercises.   Working with local and regional partners provides a great benefit to all involved, as it shows how different emergency plans can work together or against each other.


Winter 2004 Flu Vaccine Shortage:  While not an exercise, the Josephine County Health Department coordinated the distribution of flu vaccine to the community during the flu vaccine shortage in 2004.  This involved outreach to the medical community, prioritizing high-risk groups, and redistributing vaccine through existing channels to ensure the maximum public access.


December 2004 Mass Vaccination Exercise: Josephine County assisted Jackson County Health and Human Services in conducting a large flu vaccination clinic at the Jackson County Fairgrounds using an Incident Command structure and just-in-time training (quick training of personnel when they arrive).  Targeted at the high-risk populations, 200 vaccinations were given in the first half-hour.


November 2005 Strategic National Stockpile: As part of a statewide exercise, a regional point-of-dispensing (POD) center was activated at the Josephine County Fairgrounds to dispense medications to the public.  Josephine and Jackson Counties worked together using Incident Command.  Just-in-time training was employed in this exercise as well. 


November 2005 Pandemic Influenza: A full-scale 10-day regional (Jackson and Josephine Counties) exercise involved medical community outreach, control measures, and culminated in a fully staffed Emergency Operations Center and mock patients arriving at hospitals.


November 2006 Statewide Pandemic Influenza: In the planning phase.

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