Posting Number: AIR2016-1
 Project Name: County Airports - Engineering Service
 Opening Date: 5/9/2016
 Opening Time: 8:00:00 AM
 Due Date: 5/27/2016
 Due Time: 02:00 PM
 Status: Open
 Description: Josephine County is requesting that interested firms submit their qualifications as Engineering Service Providers to the Josephine County Oregon, Airports Department. Successful bidders will be eligible to provide engineering consultant services for AIP-eligible projects at the Grants Pass (3S8) and Illinois Valley (3S4) Airports.
  1. Construction of a new ½-length parallel taxiway on NE side of Runway 13/31 at 3S8
  2. Creation of a new airport access road with security gate on NE side of airport at 3S8
  3. Construction of hangar-access taxi-lanes & new airport access gate on SW side of 3S8
  4. Expansion/Rehabilitation of general aviation parking aprons and ramps at 3S4
  5. Rehabilitation of runway 18/36 and parking ramps at 3S4
  6. Replacement of runway 18/36 lighting system/upgrade to MIRL at 3S4 
  7. Installation of Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) at 3S4E 
  8. Environmental determination and engineering design of runway 13/31 extension at 3S8
  9. Pavement Maintenance Plan supervision and sign-off at each airport (3S4 & 3S8)
  10. Design and supervise the installation of emergency power generators at each airport
  11. Determination of airside improvements required prior to revenue-generating projects
  12. Design and installation of fire-suppression water delivery systems at each airport
  13. Design and installation of additional fuel delivery facilities at each airport
  14. Design and installation of Type-I helicopter landing pads at each airport
  15. Possible additional airport construction projects
  16. Assistance with FAA and State grant-compliance paperwork and reporting requirements

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