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Building Safety

Current staffing resources at Building Safety are extremely limited.

Staff changes - Effective 7-8-15

As of July 9th, 2015, we will not have a full-time Plans Examiner on staff.  Plan reviews will be completed by other department staff with the assistance of third-party examiners.  A plans examiner will not be available in the office during all open hours.  If you need to consult with a plans examiner or inspector, it is recommended that you phone or email the office and coordinate a meeting time.

The hiring process to refill the plans examiner position has begun. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we ask for your patience as we work to resolve this situation.  If you have any questions please contact us at 541-474-5405 or by email at

Are you interested in a potential career in code administration?  See the brochure in the "Documents and Forms" section titled "Careers in Code Administration".

Inspection schedule changes - Effective 9-2-14

Due to an unexpected reduction in staff, we were forced to make a change in our inspection schedule, effective 9-2-2014.  As of that date, electrical inspections will be limited to Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We intend to do other non-electrical inspections Monday through Friday as well (e.g. Structural, including footings/stem-wall, insulation; Mechanical, including wood stove installations, fans, heat-pumps, gas lines, etc.).

At this time, we intend to keep other inspections and schedules consistent with our current format.  Illinois Valley inspections will still be Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Inspection requests received by 5:00pm, in accordance with the schedule noted above, will be scheduled for the next day.

In an effort to provide helpful information with limited personnel we have many resources available here on our webpage. 


See the "Documents and Forms" section on the left for handouts and helpful information.

See the "Links" below for access to Oregon's building codes online and other helpful information including wall bracing calculators and forms.

For assistance with developing plans and specifications to meet the requirements of the codes, we recommend that you contact the local home builders association, local designer, architect or engineer.  Contacts are available in the phone book or online.

Due to the fact that Building Safety staff is extremely limited and the work load is significant, an inspector/plans examiner may not available for general code-related questions during open hours.  Additional options are email and phone (see contact information on the left menu). 

Well prepared plans and documents help facilitate timely plan review.  Please consult a professional to assist you as necessary.

Plans need to adequately describe the proposed construction and are required to clearly show the wall bracing requirements.

Please see the document labeled, "Plan submittal  requirements and information"



Mission Statement

To assist the citizens of Josephine County in the application of the state's specialty codes in a flexible, fair and safety-focused manner with the goal of providing safe buildings in our community.

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