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Citizens Litter Patrol

Q: What is the Citizen's Litter Patrol?


This program provides residents of Josephine County who are concerned about their environment with an opportunity to improve the appearance of the County road system. The Josephine County Public Works Department cooperates with participating individuals, corporations, and associations who agree to gather and remove litter from county rights-of-way. Josephine County will erect signs alongside patrolled roads to acknowledge the people and groups who remove litter.

How does the program work?

Citizen volunteers join together with the Josephine County Public Works Department to work to clear the roads of litter.

Josephine County Public Works provides:

Recognition signs, portable "litter patrol" safety signs, high-visibility safety vests, waiver release forms, safety orientation training, safety flagging material, litter bags for collecting debris, removal of filled bags from the roadside, and disposal of collected litter.

Volunteers provide:

Appropriate clothing and shoes, labor to pick up litter, first-aid kits for possible emergencies, and drinking water.

What's required to participate?

While individuals and groups should be prepared to make at least a year-long commitment to pick up litter on their road at least twice during that time, a two or three year commitment is preferred. Representatives of a volunteer group must also be willing to conduct twice yearly safety meetings. Each volunteer needs to attend one of these safety meetings before starting work. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to participate in the program.

Do I need special equipment?

You probably already own everything you would need to be a Citizen's Litter Patrol volunteer. Leather shoes with sturdy soles are necessary, since potentially dangerous objects can sometimes be invisible until you step on them. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands. Since tall weeds and poisonous plants such as poison oak sometimes grow along roadsides, you need to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. The Josephine County Public Works Department will provide high-visibility safety vests while you work alongside the roadways.

What do you do out there?

Even a simple job like picking up litter requires attention to common-sense safety rules, because traffic can be dangerous. Avoid working in icy, snowy, or foggy conditions. Facing oncoming traffic as you work enables you to see any danger approaching. Safety dictates that crews work on one side of the roadway at a time, and do not cross the road. Limit trash pickup to the area within the road right-of-way only. Avoid picking up syringes or other hazardous materials. You can mark them with flagging for specially trained crews to remove. If you are unable to pick up heavy objects such as mattresses, televisions, or refrigerators, please call the Josephine County Public Works Department at (541) 474-5460. Stay away from poison oak and other noxious or poisonous plants. Don't work too hard, pace yourself, and always avoid horseplay. A sudden unpredictable move could distract a motorist, and threaten your safety. Lastly, place the filled bags of litter off the road shoulder.

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