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Permit Information

Q: Do I need a permit?


Permit Information

Why do I need a Permit?
Public road rights-of-way serve a number of purposes - transportation routes for vehicles and pedestrians; corridors for the installation of electricity, phone and other utilities; and access to abutting properties. It is vital to the safety of all users of road rights-of-way that conflicts are kept to a minimum, and that work done within a right-of-way occurs in a safe, efficient manner. The permit process allows Public Works to monitor and coordinate activities within county road rights-of-way.

As of January 1, 2020,  permits fees are:

Driveway Approach            $225.00

Road Encroachment           $130.00

Waivers                               $65.00

Development Construction Plan Review   $   600.00

Development Construction Inspection      $3,000.00
      (plus $100 per lot)


What types of Facility Permits does the Public Works Department issue?
Facility Permits cover work affecting roads and right-of-way under county jurisdiction. Facility Permits include:
-Driveway/Road Approach
-Road Encroachment
-Major Road Improvement
-Minor Road Improvement
-Utility Permit
-Special Permit

-Driveway/Road Approach
A Driveway/Road Approach Permit is required for all new driveways or for changes to an existing driveway within a county road right-of-way. This permit must be obtained before a Development Permit or Building Permit can be issued. Only a prequalified licensed contractor may apply for the permit. A certificate of liability insurance is required naming Josephine County Public Works as holder.  The applicant must additionally supply the legal description of the property (Township, Range, Section and Tax Lot number). A wooden stake will be given to the applicant to mark the desired location of the driveway. A Field Supervisor will check the marked location to determine if the location has adequate sight distance and if a drainage culvert is required. After the field inspection is made, the Supervisor will notify the office of the requirements. The permit will then be issued.

-Road Encroachment
A Road Encroachment Permit is required whenever private facilities are proposed to be constructed within a right-of-way. Examples include fences, structures, signs and landscaping. Public Works will determine if the encroachment should be allowed, and if so, whether it should be on a temporary or permanent basis.

-Major Road Improvement
A Major Road Improvement Permit is required for construction or alteration of a county road that necessitates detailed plans, as determined by Public Works.

-Minor Road Improvement
A Minor Road Improvement Permit is required for construction or alteration of a county road that does not require detailed plans, as determined by Public Works.

A Utility Permit is required whenever public facilities, such as water, sewer, gas or transmission lines, are proposed to be constructed within a right-of-way.

A Special Permit is required for the temporary use of a county right-of-way for business or non-business operations or public events, such as log loading, removal or alteration of vegetation, scheduled public walks, runs and biking events.


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