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Juvenile Records

Q: Can I get my juvenile record destroyed?


Destruction of juvenile records is possible in many cases.  The criteria for destruction, or expunction, of records is governed by the Oregon Revised Statues.  (ORS 419.260 and 419.262)  Most sexual offenses, serious assaults, and any offense that results in the death of another person cannot be expunged. 

If you were referred for an offense that did not go through the court process, or if the charge was dismissed, your file will be automatically destroyed when you reach the age of 18.  You do not need to request that it be destroyed.

If you have a file that includes a petition that was adjudicated, you must wait for 5 years after your case was closed to qualify for expunction.  At that point, you will need to contact the Josephine County Family Court Clerk to obtain the paperwork to start the expunction process.   You are the only one who may start the process.  It will not happen unless you request it.


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