Cemetery Grave Sale Inquiry Form

Josephine County Parks is gathering information from the public by asking the question "Would you be interstested in purchasing interment rights if grave sales reopened?"

The Parks Department has about 300 available graves and is interested in opening sales, but needs to ensure that plots are sold fairly if demand exceeds availability. Understanding how many people are interested in obtaining grave rights at Granite Hill Cemetery will help the county create a fair sale process. The first review of the information submitted below will be reviewed after May 13.  Josephine County Parks hopes to start selling grave rights to the public shortly after this time.  The list will remain open for anyone who wants to continue to express interest for future opportunities to purchase graves.

Please fill out the form below if you have any interest in purchasing interment rights in the future.

Current Prices: Full Graves $1000, Cremain Grave $250
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* What type of grave would you be interested in?Full Casket Grave Cremation Grave 
* How many graves would you be interested in purchasing? 
* Do you, or someone related to you, currently have interment rights in Granite Hill Cemetery? (This is also called "grave ownership".)
No relatives do
I do
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One of my parents
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Another relative of mine
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