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PO Box 672 97528
1451 Fairgrounds Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Phone: 541-476-3215
Fax: 541-476-1027
Contact: Tamra Martin - Fairgrounds Director
Hours: Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Arena Events Schedule & Rules


Scheduled Hours & Events:

Normal, Non-Horse Racing and Fair, Weekly Hours are: Sunday - Saturday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm. Unless rented for an event or Posse/Equestrian Teams.

Use of the Enclosed (Indoor) Covered Arena requires a Day or Monthly pass. Sign-Ups must be done at the Fairgrounds Office Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm. (Fairgrounds Office is Closed most major Holidays)

$30.00 per rider   - Adults 18 and over
$20.00 per rider   - Students K-12 (Must have parent signature)
$60.00 per family - (Maximum per family per month)  

Sheriffs' Posse: Every Wednesday evening 6 - 9 pm (Enclosed Covered Arena).
Equestrian Teams: Mon,Tues & Thurs 6 - 9 pm (and some Sundays - time varies) (Enclosed Covered Arena).
Other events as booked. Check with the Fair Office or the online calendar for more information.

Please call with questions.

Indoor Arena Rules: 


The Equine Risk Law (ORS 30.693) applies to anyone riding at the Fairgrounds.

  1. This is not a tax-funded facility - All persons using the Indoor Arena are required to pay the monthly or daily fee prior to using the facilities.
  2. Arena is open for public use (monthly pass/or daily pass only) unless scheduled for an event. Call Fairgrounds Office @ 541-476-3215, or look online for schedule. 
  3. This Arena is for pleasure riding only unless rented for exclusive use. No professional lessons permitted unless rented for that purpose. Proof of Liability Insurance is required for professional lessons.
  4. Lunging of horses is not allowed in the Indoor Arena. All lunging must be done in the area between barn 'E' and 'F' barn in the barn stall area and outdoor Arena.
  5. All events in the Indoor Arena must be scheduled through the Fairgrounds Office, such as barrel racing, penning, roping and riding lessons. There will be no barrel racing, penning, roping or riding lessons in the Indoor Arena without scheduling exclusive use.
  6. There will be no racing or playing games in the Indoor Arena.
  7. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the Indoor Arena.
  8. Reasonable control of your animal must be exhibited at all times. No horses are to be turned loose, left unattended, put in pens or tied to rails.
  9. Any unruly behavior, disorderly conduct or use of threatening or harassing language to patrons or Fairgrounds Personnel/Staff shall be grounds for expulsion. All rules will be strictly enforced by Fairgrounds Staff and/or Fair Board Members.
  10. We ask that this Arena be self-policed and that all persons using the arena respect the other person. Use common sense and be courteous to others.

** NO dogs allowed (except service dogs) - ALL dogs must be on leash(s) if outside the Areans.
** Absolutely NO smoking.
** PICK UP after yourself - Trash, Items left in the Arena.
** PICK UP after your horse and trailer (manure and trailer debris) in the parking lot before leaving.


Outdoor Arena Rules:

The Equine Risk Law (ORS 30.693) applies to anyone riding at the Fairgrounds. 

  1. This is not a tax-funded facility.
  2. Arena is for public use unless scheduled for an event. Sunday - Saturday from 11:00 am. -  9:00 pm. unless otherwise scheduled for an event. Call the Fairgrounds Office @ 541-476-3215 for scheduling info.
  3. When the Indoor Arena is open to the public the primary purpose of the Outdoor Arena is for ground work/lunging - 10 minutes maximum if someone is waiting.
  4. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the Outdoor Arena.
  5. When the Indoor Arena is not available, riders may be accommodated in this Arena if it is not scheduled. During those times only one horse at a time may be lunged. Please work together cooperatively!
  6. Communicate with one another, use common sense and be courteous!
  7. Clean up after yourself, your horse(s), and trailers.

Times subject to change without notice, if any questions please call the Fairgrounds office. 541-476-3215


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