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Community Service / Work Alternative

Community Service       



The Community Service program provides uncompensated labor in the way of community service placement to governmental and non-profit agencies within Josephine County.  Offenders typically placed with agencies are those who have community service as a part of a sentence from the Court or a sanction for violation behavior.  


A judge may sentence an offender to community service either as an alternative to incarceration or fine or probation, or as a condition of probation.  The goal of this program is to provide restorative justice by affording offenders the opportunity to give back to the community through contributing meaningful services.  The receiving agency supervises the work of the offender.


In the late 1970’s this program was implemented in Josephine County.  What began on a small scale involving 5 non-profit agencies and 50 participants per year has grown to a resource of over 200 agencies in Josephine County and other locations and over 1,000 participants.  Our community service workers have proven to be a vital piece in some agencies' day-to-day operations.



Click for  Oregon Revised Statutes 137.126




Work Alternative



Work Alternative is under the umbrella of community service and was introduced to Josephine County in the 1970’s.   This program is offered for those who are unable to pay their financial obligations to the Court. (Defendants are not permitted to "work off" restitution or compensatory fines; these obligations must be paid with legal tender.)  The program allows people to work off their fines at community service agencies or the work crew. The compensation rate is established at the state minimum wage rate (currently $8.40/hr).  This monetary amount is used to compute the number of hours required to meet the court financial requirements.  There is no money exchanged between agencies in this program.  The offender must be eligible through Court Accounting as well as meet the Community Corrections basic requirements.    Participation in this program is a privilege of the Court.



If you are with a non-profit organization or government agency in Josephine County and are interested in finding out more about the Community Service program, Please contact Larrieann Smith at (541) 474-5193 for more information.



Office Hours:      Monday - Thursday 7:30AM - 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
                             Friday 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Fee:                   $30.00 to be paid at intake


Contact:                Angela Brown, Program Supervisor
                                510 NW 4th St.
                                Grants PassOR 97526
                                (541) 474-5165 x3727

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