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Alternative Incarceration Programs (AIP)


Oregon Administrative Rule 291-062-0110


(1) Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP): A highly structured corrections program that includes intensive interventions, rigorous personal responsibility and accountability, physical labor, and service to the community.

The Oregon Department of Corrections has developed Alternative Incarceration Programs (AIP) to aid in the rehabilitation of the criminal defendant, and offer a reduction in an inmate's sentence following successful completion. AIP programs are available and administered at Powder River Correctional Facility,  Columbia River Correctional Facility, Shutter Creek Correctional Institution, and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Inmates are screened for eligibility and once approved, enter into a minimum six-month Alcohol/Drug Abuse or Cognitive Restructuring Program. The programming is quite extensive, and includes preparing for employment, developing healthy relationships and family skills, and recognizing and changing criminal-thinking errors. Participants also focus on developing healthy decision making skills and habits for successful community living. Upon completing the program, the inmate is released to a 90-day period of Transitional Leave. Offenders are still considered inmates and any violation behavior may result in his/her return to physical custody with the Oregon Department of Corrections, loss of any/all good-time credits earned prior to that date, and to serve the remainder of their sentence. During the 90-day transitional leave, inmates are closely supervised; they engage in outpatient substance abuse treatment and submit to a polygraph to determine compliance to the conditions of Transitional Leave. After successful completion of the 90-day Transitional Leave, the offender begins the term of Post-Prison Supervision as set by statute.

In Josephine County in addition to aftercare, inmates are expected to enter into and successfully complete the AIP Community Group. Offenders participate in the Community Group for a minimum of 12 months. The primary goals of the group are peer accountability, developing integrity, and practicing personal responsibility to ensure a reduction in criminal behavior. Participants submit to a second polygraph to ensure program integrity. Many offenders have gone on to lead successful and pro-social lives and continue to be involved and participate in the AIP Alumni Group.

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  AIP Eligibility Criteria

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