Inmate Meals

Kitchen services are contracted through Aramark Correctional Services. Qualified inmates can become 'Inmate Workers' and earn time off their jail sentences by performing tasks supervised by Aramark employees.

Inmates lodged in the Josephine County Adult Jail receive a meal plan that provides 2,500 calories per day (averaged in a week) and approved by a dietitian. The menus meet the guidelines of the American Correctional Association.

An average day's menu at the Jail includes:

  • Breakfast - Fresh fruit, dry cereal, an egg, coffee cake with margarine and 1% milk
  • Lunch - Soup, sandwich, cookie and iced tea
  • Dinner - Meatloaf patty, cottage fries, salad with dressing, biscuit, iced cake and a fruit drink

The Jail kitchen is inspected by the Josephine County Health Inspector on a regular basis

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