Property & Mail

Inmate Property

The Josephine County Adult Jail will not accept any inmate property other than prescription medication that has been approved by the Jail Medical Clinic.

Clothing, books, toiletries, over-the counter medications and other sundries are not accepted by the jail staff.

Additionally, the jail will not release property for an inmate lodged in the Jail without supervisory approval. Generally, only inmates who have been sentenced to prison may release property while in custody.

Inmate Mail

The jail accepts letter-sized envelopes and postcards.  Mail intended to go to an inmate must include the sender's complete name and address.  Inmate mail must be marked with the inmate's name and be addressed to the Josephine County Adult Jail.  Any items that do not meet these standards will not be delivered to inmates.

The mailing address of the Josephine County Adult Jail is:
1901 NE F Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526

Any letters with excessive writing or pictures will not be delivered.  Polaroid-style pictures are not allowed.  Any letters or postcards with lipstick, perfume or any other foreign substance on them will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.  Failure to comply with jail mail policies is considered a mail violation.  You may informally grieve this violation by contacting the Josephine County Jail Captain within 48 hours.

Money orders, checks and cash are not accepted through the mail system.

Inmates may have newspapers and books sent in to the facility and must be delivered by Postal Service or shipping carriers such as UPS or FedEx.  Books may only be paperback, and must be sent by a professional bookseller or Amazon.  No books may be sent by private individuals to inmates.  Inmate personal mail will be scanned by jail staff for safety and security purposes.

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