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Auction Procedures for November 2019



Registration begins at 1:00 p.m. the day of auction. The auction begins promptly at 2:00 p.m. If the individual wishing to purchase is not the bidder at auction, a signed letter must be delivered to the Property Manager prior to the auction. The letter must indicate exactly how the purchaser desires their name to appear on the Quitclaim Deed, i.e. "Tenants in Entirety" or "Name of Trust and Trustee") and include the mailing address where future tax statements are to be sent.


The property shall be sold to the highest bidder who meets or exceeds the minimum bid. 


Terms of the Sale are CASH or cash equivalence.  A financing option is available for properties that sell for $20,000 or more. Contact the Property manager for details. At the time of sale, successful bidders must present a deposit equal to twenty percent (20%) of the minimum advertised bid (please round up to the nearest $10.00). Personal checks and business checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Certified checks should be made payable to: Josephine County.

Cash deposits will be subject to the completion of IRS Form 8300:


The Sheriff’s Deputy conducting the oral auction will set the bid amounts as the auction progresses. The minimum bid is the opening bid. A bid for less than the minimum bid will not be recognized. Please hold up your number card and speak your bid amount clearly when you bid and the Deputy will repeat the bid back to you. The Sheriff's Deputy will call the bid three times. After bids have been called three times and no further bids are offered, then the Deputy shall sell the parcel to the highest bidder. The individual with the winning bid will then wait until the end of the auction. At the conclusion of the auction, proceed to the staff table, present your deposit and receive a Certificate of Sale.

Once the deposit has been accepted from a successful bidder, the deposit is not refundable.

If no satisfactory bid is received for the parcel announced for sale, the parcel shall be removed from the sale and shall not be offered again at this auction. After bids have been called for on all properties the sale will terminate, whether the parcels have or have not sold. There should be no expectation that a property that did not sell at auction will be made available for a future sale.


No later than 3:00 p.m. two business days after the sale successful bidders must present final payment in the form of cash or certified funds for the full balance of the purchase price and payment of the recording fee. Personal checks and business checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Certified checks should be made payable to: Josephine County.


Josephine County does not furnish a survey or provide title insurance for any of these properties. Dimensions identified on maps or in other information are approximate and may or may not represent the actual property boundaries. “Comments” on surplus property inventory are intended only to provide general information. Prospective Bidders are advised to view properties prior to bidding.


All properties are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. Potential bidders should have thoroughly investigated all aspects of a property prior to bidding. Josephine County does not guarantee or warrant that any property is usable for any particular purpose. The County shall make no warranties or guarantees regarding the title to the properties offered for sale, but shall only sell and convey, by quitclaim deed, such interest as the County acquired by foreclosure or other means and holds at the time of sale.  


Conveyance is subject to all valid, recorded easements, dedications or other encumbrances. 


All property sales for which a certificate of sale has been issued shall be submitted in the regular course to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners for consideration and approval. Please allow four to six weeks for execution of all appropriate documents in connection with the sale.

ORS 275.088 prohibits certain Josephine County employees, their spouses, relatives and intermediaries from purchasing Surplus County Real Property. Any employee wishing to bid at auction MUST first inquire with the Property Manager 48 hours prior to Auction in order to determine eligibility.

The Josephine County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
Final payment shall be made to the Property Manager at the Assessor’s Office located in the basement, Room 50, of the Josephine County Courthouse, 500 NW 6th Street, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.

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